Winter Musings


Winter Blues usually puts me in a melancholic mood that only music can cure, and that’s probably the most Californian thing I’ve ever said.

Winter Blues music consists of jazz, mellow melodies, and songs you softly play in the background while staring at the rain through the window.

Did I paint the picture? Okay, good.

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Here are a few that songs that got me through my own Winter Blues and hopefully will get you through yours:

  1. Don’t Smile At Me record / Billie Eilish — Listen to all the lyrics from beginning to end. K, thanks!

  2. Sweet Rose / Matt Costa — Saw him perform over the Summer, have been replying this song ever since

  3. Lose It / Oh Wonder! — Older but not forgotten

  4. Loving is Easy / Rex Orange County ft. Benny Sings — Good vibes + mellow

  5. Bad Moon Rising / Creedence Clearwater Revival — Perfect for gloomy winter days

  6. Miles Away / Years Around The Sun — Reminds me of the surf movie: Castles in the Sky by Taylor Steele

  7. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright / Bob Dylan — Do I really have to explain myself?

  8. Mister Magic / Grover Washington Jr. — Long but worth every second

  9. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / Led Zeppelin — Hands down my favorite song by them

  10. Lazarus / David Bowie Makes me cry every time but I love it.

  11. Dumbo Gets Mad - Indian Food — Gives me all the vibes

  12. Rumours record / Fleetwood Mac — The album that set the mood for the season

  13. 7 Rings / Ariana Grande — If you say you didn’t like this song, you’re playing yourself

  14. Numb Without You / The Maine — The #10yearchallenge threw me back to my love for this band, 8123 for 10 years & counting!

  15. One More Time / SUPER JUNIOR & Reik — Spanish and Korean

  16. Silver Lighting / First Aid Kit — “Keep on, keepin’ on” has been my motto all winter

  17. America / First Aid Kit (Paul Simon Cover / 2012 Polar Music Prize Performance) — Must WATCH, must CRY!

  18. Morena Mia / Miguel Bose ft. Julieta Venegas — Spanish

  19. Cissy Strut / The Meters — Whenever I need to focus and hustle, this beat comes on

  20. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman / Aretha Franklin (Kennedy Center Honors 2015) — The Queen of Soul showed the public that the hurdles she had to face didn’t stop her from charming the crowd

  21. That Old Feeling / Chet Baker — Chet Baker has the only voice that automatically makes my anxiety fade away

  22. Anything and everything by / Miles Davis — Sax on a rainy day, what more could you ask for?!

  23. Truckin’ / Grateful Dead — Always blasted this song first thing in the morning during my Dawn Patrol drives to Blackies

  24. Zion / Trevor Hall — Did I almost blow up my car speakers after blasting this song the moment I arrived to Zion National Park on my birthday? Maybe… possibly… yes, I definitely did


Billie Eilish ruled my ears, heart, and soul.

It’s crazy how a 17 year old, who’s way ahead of her time, has made me move passed multiple tough situations through her music and strong attitude. Billie Eilish is one of the few artists who legit doesn’t care about what people think of her and preaches to others to do the same thing. I am also obsessed with the fact that she loves working alongside her talented brother, Finneas.

Mark my words: She is going to win a Grammy in the next few years.

the following are my top performances by Billie Eilish that I keep adding views to:


The Winter Blues also gives me hermit syndrome every year, by that I mean rushing home right away to hibernate under my blankets, wake me up when Spring arrives! Some people’s hermit syndrome makes them lazy and sleepy—I, on the other hand, actually thrive on it.

Hermit syndrome is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I spend most of my time inside, but at the end of the day I am more productive because of it. Productivity influences multiple areas in my life, one of them being the podcasts I am attracted to.

Below is a list of the podcasts I look forward to every week, in addition to the ones mentioned in my previous Summer Musings article:

  1. Dirty JohnGnarly crime happening in my county is pretty much unheard of, which is why I am so obsessed with this podcast. As first seen on the Oprah show… Actually, I don’t want to reveal + spoil anything so just give it a listen! It’s also a true story which makes Dirty John even juicier.

  2. Influencer Girl Lifestyle PodcastMy favorite blogger, Fashionlush, drew me to this podcast and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. If you’re planning on branding yourself and growing your online platforms—I just found you a new weekly podcast!

  3. Second LifeWhoWhatWear has always been my favorite media resource to catch up on all the latest trends/fashion news, and this podcast is hosted by the co-founder of the entire Clique Brands empire, Hilary Kerr.

  4. Out of Line with Caroline LeeGetting to know social media gurus IRL is harder than it sounds, specially when you’re actually trying to get to know their real personality offline. That’s how this up and coming podcast came in handy! My favorite episodes so far are #11 with revolutionary MUA/YouTuber & fellow FIDM alumni: Nikita Dragun, #12 with genius CEO that I’m currently obsessed with: Jaclyn Johnson, and #25 with creative mastermind: Puno Puno.

  5. She Means Business, with Carrie Green Female entrepreneurs who have established a successful online business… kinda really down.

  6. The Business of Fashion Podcast An inside scoop of the glamorous world we call the fashion industry.

  7. The Dave Ramsey ShowI told myself 2019 is the year that I will have better control over my finances, and Dave Ramsey is my guide to complete that resolution.

  8. The Glossy PodcastThis podcast goes behind the scenes of the most exciting industry out there, at least in my opinion, and how technology has shaken it up. The greatest thing about The Glossy Podcast is how the stars of the luxury and fashion world let their guard down and explain their success stories, the hurdles they had to overcome along the way, amongst many more secrets.

  9. The Goal Digger PodcastIf you think women can’t do it all then you haven’t heard of Marketing Entrepreneur, photographer, and now podcaster, Jenna Kutcher. Every time I think I’ve tried just about everything to grow my personal brand, this podcast proves me otherwise.

  10. The 8123 PodcastDid you also skip out on high school dances (shout out to Capo Valley) to go to a show at Chain Reaction? Did you used to look forward to Warped Tour (RIP) every summer?—Well, this podcast will throw you back to your damaged scene hair, Myspace, old school Buzznet, AP Magazine, band merch, and sidekicks.

  11. WorkPartyI would love to start a business like Jaclyn Johnson’s one day and am currently reading the book that this podcast was based on + checking out every resource she can give me to make that happen dream come true sooner than later!

  12. I’m over itRaw, honest, and discusses topics usually ignored by the media that should be addressed.

Source:  8123

Source: 8123

Source:  FACTORY PR  (The Glossy Podcast)

Source: FACTORY PR (The Glossy Podcast)


  • Beats Studio3 Wireless — Are you easily distracted by small noises? Then this is the product for you! My Beats headphones make my loud office space sound proof = my productivity improves. I am the type of person who easily gets creative-block if there are multiple things going on around me when I am trying to get sh*t done which is why these headphones were life changing and you need to purchase a pair ASAP.

  • Kopari — All natural products made with 100% organic coconut oil—if that doesn’t convince you to try them out, I don’t know what will!

    The aluminum-free deodorant stayed fresh, the coconut body glow worked wonders, and the coconut cleansing oil got ALL of my makeup off, even the leftover mascara that stays on your lashes and makes you look like a raccoon.

  • — My favorite purchase all winter definitely goes to my planner. It’s cute, it’s practical, it’s filled with wonderful art, and my favorite part, it keeps me organized!

  • Susan Alexandra — The 90’s are back and beaded bags came along for the ride. Susan Alexandra, an up and coming designer, made me fall in-love with this staple iconic piece. I couldn’t pick just one… so here are three of my many favorite ones:

  • Maybelline — I’ve tried just about every mascara and lipstick out there and these ones have performed way better than any imaginable.

    You might think to yourself: Maybelline? Really Gaby?!

    My answer is: YES!! They really REALLY work!

    What some people might not understand is when it comes to makeup it’s not all about the prize, the quality of the product is way more important. My sister Maria, hit her up for any MUA questions, referred me to Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara & SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. I didn’t think anything of these products until I tried them on—let’s just say I am never looking back nor purchasing another liquid lipstick + mascara.

    Yes, they’re simple… but the results are far from that!


WorkParty by Jaclyn Johson — I previously included WorkParty in my Book Club and felt the strong need to bring it up again. Johnson gives you the NO BS guide for starting a business with the many ups and many downs she encountered throughout her career—it is pretty much the read that you’ve been waiting for! Besides sharing her unbelievable story, WorkParty includes tips and tricks by fellow female entrepreneurs who are thriving in their industry. I highlighted the sh*t out of my book and will make sure to keep it in my re-read list for the moments that I am lacking creative inspiration.

Source: La Rue PR

Source: La Rue PR


Stevie Nicks

Fringe, layered lace, big frizzy hair, oversized coats, big hats, billowy sleeves, and melodies that leave me speechless…

Long live the Queen Witch!

What brought you inspiration this season?

Comment below!


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