Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

For the travelers who like to stay at hotels or Airbnbs, we all know that even though they offer great room service and nice accommodations—they don’t quite compare to the comfort of your own home.

For the backpackers who are globetrotting on a budget and prefer to crash at hostels between cross-country trips, I understand the lack of privacy those places can offer and the patience you need to build up.

Whether you’re on the road for a long period of time or just taking a little vacation, making your new room feel like home can ground you and make it easier for you to adjust to new time zones and foreign streets. Curating your little temporary home will make your stay more enjoyable, and prevent you from getting travel fatigue.

Keep scrolling for your homesickness prevention kit:

  • Candles

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and became obsessed with its smell? Agreed by no one ever. Lighting up a candle before going to bed changes the vibe of the room. Bringing along a familiar smell from back home can turn your room into your little zen space and most importantly, you’ll feel right at home. I mean, they sell “travel size” candles for a reason.

Homesick Candles have been my go-to lately. They’re each specifically made to bring you back to a location or memory and always seem to do the trick.

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  • Essential Oils

    If I want to relax and completely feel at home, essential oils are a must. I mean, who doesn’t love unwinding after a long day with some essential oils and a glass of wine? If you answered no you need to rethink your life choices.

  • SkinCare products

    For the girls who strive to keep their skin in good shape after all the hours spent flying or driving, this tip is for you. Incorporate your skincare routines wherever you go, and you’ll soon feel right at home.

  • Slippers

    Pack a pair of cozy slippers before taking off to teleport to your bedroom back home.

  • Portable Speaker and wireless headphones

    Forget about loud neighbors and pull out your noice-cancelling gadget to silence any unwanted noise.

  • Your Favorite Morning DRINK

    Keeping the rituals that make you feel at home like enjoying your morning coffee can make your stay worthwhile. Make your way to the nearest local coffee shop or bring along your morning drink essentials.

  • byo Bedtime Essentials

    If you’re trying to fight jet lag, packing your favorite blanket or go-to pillow will change things up.

    If you are staying at a hotel and forgot to bring along your essentials, you can always request pillows and sheets that work for you.

  • Book

    Reading a good book can take your mind off any signs of homesickness and stressful situations.


What are your comfort items that keep you from getting homesick?

Leave them in the comments below!

Cheers and Safe Travels,