Summer Musings

Source: Wallows

Source: Wallows


Summer in California means bumper to bumper traffic wherever you go, which is why having good music is key. After going through an old high school playlist, I got thrownback to the days when I only played music that resembled The Strokes and 70's British Rock. This forgotten playlist really set the mood for my entire music vibe this season.

Here are a few that songs that I couldn't stop jamming to:

  1. Pictures of Girls / Wallows - The song I overplayed the most, all praise Clay Jensen (Dylan Minette)!

  2. The Only Place / Best Coast

  3. The Girl / The Half Rats

  4. Simple Song / The Shins

  5. Take Off your Sunglasses / Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

  6. Love Will Tear Us Apart / Joy Division

  7. Floating Vibes / Surfer Blood

  8. Junk of the Heart (Happy) / The Kooks

  9. La Luz / Coastal & Jackie Mendoza

  10. Let's Go Surfing / The Drums

  11. No Hope / The Vaccines

  12. Age of Consent / New Order

  13. Mr. Blue Sky / Electric Light Orchestra

  14. That's Entertainment / The Jam

  15. One Way Trigger / The Strokes

  16. The Reclusive / Cursive

  17. Paper Trails / DARKSIDE

  18. Surprise Hotel / Fool's Gold

  19. Rivers / together PANGEA

  20. Bruises / Chairlift

Source: Jilly Hendrix

Source: Jilly Hendrix

Source: The Skinny Confidential

Source: The Skinny Confidential


  • As Seen Online with Jilly Hendrix I finally found someone who understands my social media obsession, and that person is Jilly Hendrix. This podcast discusses my main priorities in life: What is currently trending on the internet, and the memes that just went viral. I also really enjoy listening to Jilly's other female empowerment podcast co-hosted by her best friends, Greta Titelman, and Lo Bosworth: Lady Lovin'.

  • Short Story Long Drama (Founder of Young and Reckless) has weekly interviews with his friends who are also... you know, casually killing it in life.

  • The Lady Gang I stumbled upon The Lady Gang in 2016 and have been obsessed with these boss ladies ever since. This podcast keeps me updated on pop culture, their eclectic lifestyles, and which seasonal drink is currently trending (hats off to Jac Vanek).

  • The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick are like the big brother and sister I didn't think I needed but now fully rely on. I listen to The Skinny Confidential for business advice, and to stay up to date on all things self-care and fitness.

  • The Bitch Bible Warning: If you're easily offended this podcast is not for you. If you appreciate bluntness, sarcasm, reality tv, and the occasional dirty martini—this is your holy grail. You're welcome!

  • The Influencer Podcast From social media management tips, to blogging tips by top influencers... if you are into digital media, this podcast has it all! Julie Solomon, an influencer/digital marketing expert and former PR leader, shares all you need to know about this leading money making industry.

  • The Nine Club This podcast was forced on me by boyfriend whose life revolves around skating, and I am not complaining about it. If you're into LaCroix, action sports, great video editing (I prefer to watch it online), and witnessing top athletes roast each other; give this one a try!

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz Have you ever wanted to learn how top entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up, and how you can too? This podcast has all the answers you need!

  • U Up? The title says it all. If you've ever received a late night text from that douche, who you know has a girlfriend, but wants to Netflix and chill with you—Instead of meeting up with him, please do yourself a favor and give U Up? a listen!

Source: Lulus

Source: Lulus


I proclaim this Summer: The season of lemons, net bags, and straw accessories

If you didn't include lemons in your flat-lay, are you even relevant?

If you didn't buy yourself a straw hat or bag, are you even an influencer?

If you didn't try to find the smallest sunglasses at a vintage shop, are you even attempting to reach at least 500 likes on IG?

And last but not least: If you didn't purchase a net bag to gracefully carry around the beach, did you even go to the beach?




enough said.

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