Baja Destinations: La Bufadora

Delicious food, ruthless vendors, refreshing drinks, a beautiful scenery, and a big diverse crowd gathering around Mama Ocean to experience one of nature’s miracles. La Bufadora is one of a kind and definitely a place you should add to your travel list.

Having grown up in Baja, my family made sure to take me to this well-known marine geyser plenty of times throughout my childhood. I was always so intrigued by the little markets, the sounds of the big blue sea, and the bright colors surrounding this famous landmark.

Every time I left this crowded place, I felt like I needed to come back and spend more time exploring it—so when a spontaneous trip to La Bufadora with my friend Hannah landed on my radar, I was all in and ready to capture every corner of it.

Ahead is a recap of my latest visit to La Bufadora:

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Walking The Streets

La Bufadora In Action

I hope this inspires you to travel across the border to one of Baja’s hidden gems in Ensenada.

Where would you like me to explore next?

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Cheers and Safe Travels,

Gabriela Peregrina