Burnout is real

I am burned out.

Yeah, you read that right.

I’m in my twenties, and I’m already burned out.

Ever since I was 16 years old I’ve been very career oriented. I traded cross country trips for internship opportunities, I sacrificed a typical “college experience” so I could work fashion week events.

And the list goes on...

I wrote that intro during my birthday trip to Zion. Although the trip was planned to make me relax, unwind, become one with nature and all that jazz—that didn’t stop me from taking out my phone, opening the Notes app, and expressing my true emotions at 5AM on my actual birthday…

Source: Samantha Victoria    (@samanthavictoriab)

Source: Samantha Victoria (@samanthavictoriab)

If you had the chance to read, Resolving Grief, you’ll know that last year was ROUGH! And that’s because I truly didn’t give myself a break. I was hard on myself, created unrealistic expectations, and spread myself wayyy too thin to climb the corporate ladder. Look, I just REALLY wanted to get myself that “I am CEO, bitch” name plate that every boss on Instagram seemed to perfectly place on their desk. I had it engraved in my brain that I always had to be “ahead of the game”,  had to have THE perfect salary, and had to juggle at least 10 deadlines at a time in order to give myself a thumbs up for working hard, which was actually highly influenced by my old job’s office environment; but I’ll save that story for ANOTHER rainy day. According to the weather app there’s plenty more to come, don’t worry!

I’ve always been THE go-getter, the friend people seek for business advice, the girl who basically had all her life planned out and ready to execute it all; but then I broke, and rapidly continued to break. I knew collecting pay checks while looking forward to Sundays every week was not the best way to live; so I did what a “sane” person would do, and treated myself for the first time by booking a solo surf trip to Costa Rica. Without any research, a plan, or the perfect surfing skills to take advantage of this foreign country—I got in a plane and simply… left all my deadlines behind.

This country by the coast showed me how someone should ACTUALLY live their life: glowing inside and out, full of positive energy, and excited to live. Looking forward to sunsets instead of Sundays, and working smarter—not harder.

Everyone all over town hustled like no other, and by that statement I mean, working multiple jobs with no days off so they could live the life they once dreamed of—not the #hustle work obsessed lifestyle bs that our society seems to preach about all over Social Media. During this trip I truly disconnected, didn’t check my email once, and had bigger things to worry about; like stopping scorpions from making their way into my shoes.

I came back with a new perspective on work/life balance and ready to truly hustle like a “Tica” would:

Source: Samantha Victoria    (@samanthavictoriab)

Source: Samantha Victoria (@samanthavictoriab)

I finally gained the momentum I needed to thrive, and this WAS just the beginning!

Am I perfect? Far from that. Do I still spread myself too thin? Yes, that probably will never stop.

Having a DIY schedule has given burnout plenty of opportunities to slip back in. However, now instead of freaking out, having a mental breakdown, or developing writer’s block; I stop, take a deep breath, and SLOW MYSELF DOWN.

Instead of pressuring myself to post overly thought out and filtered content, that I am already getting anxiety over, on a daily basis. I focus on quality posts that I am truly proud of and know will perform well. Sure, I’ve missed deadlines. Yeah, I’ve submitted work late which has made me fall behind collaborations… but something that has changed is:

I don’t let that take over my entire being.

WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN JOURNEY. Don’t get influenced by the people around you, and focus on your own path.

At the end of the day, YOU come first.

I hope you this serves as a reminder to give yourself a break and relax! We’re all in this together, and I am glad you’re in it with me.


Gabriela Peregrina

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