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Being a social media manager and having Mark Zuckerberg rule most of my life, I am bound to have multiple Instagram pet peeves. Who else hates it when accounts only use ONE emoji as their caption? Where’s the hook?! Or probably the worst one ever, who else has asked an influencer to share their favorite social media editing apps and end up getting their comments or DMs completely ignored because of it? Since no one likes a selfish "blogger", I am here to share my favorite editing apps with all of you!

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  • VSCO: Like the wise philosopher Drake once said: “You're my right hand, you're my go-to”. VSCO is my number one love, and the filters usually set the perfect mood for my theme. VSCO is also the base of my entire editing process. My main VSCO filter is M5 because it gives the photo the perfect level of saturation without ruining the original mood. After applying M5, I fix the contrast, brightness, and temperature. When I feel like I’ve completely utilized VSCO, I switch over to another social media editing app.

  • Afterlight: I mostly use Afterlight to add the “Dusty” filters as a nice final touch to my editing process. My favorite “Dusty” filters are 01 and 02 which I tend to play around with to add a vintage vibe to my photo.

  • Snapseed: The Selective Tool by Snapseed helps me when I am trying to focus on a certain spot and improve it. Example: fixing the hues on a sunset photo.

  • Lomograph: This app gives your photo those film effects that everyone raving about. Most people utilize HUJI for that but I personally prefer this Lomograph to make some of my photos pop with some customizable light leaks.

  • Glitche: If making photos look trippy is your thing, this app will be perfect for you.


  • 8mm: This is my FAVORITE and main video editing app. It gives your social media vides the perfect vintage vibes your social media might be missing. I am obsessed with 8mm’s Two Color filter and usually add a few orange tones to it.

  • Camcorder: This social media editing app is exactly what it sounds like.. If you want to give your videos a little 90s video camera throwback, this is the app is for you. Whenever I want to switch it up a little, I use Camcorder.

  • Unfold: This app is key for branding and basically every company out there currently utilizes it. Unfold provides their users free templates to set up their IG stories and make them their own, they also offer templates for the public to purchase for the small price of $2 each. I am a fan of this editing app but I’ve tried not to overuse it because I don’t want my stories to look like everyone else’s.


  • Facetune: The most hush-hush app of them all, and the one that everyone pretty much lies about not using: Facetune. I use this social media editing app whenever I feel like I have a bad pimple and want to fix it by smoothening my skin. I also use it smoothen out license plates or important details that should stay in the down low.

  • Kirakira+: I personally love Kirakira+ because it makes my life look like a fairytale by adding sparkles anywhere the light hits. Influencers hyped it up though, and it is a bit overused. 

  • Adobe Lightroom: Most people rely on this app for influencer presets, I strictly use it to fix small details in a photo that probably my OCDself will only care about.



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