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What’s the first thing you do when boredom enters your body? While some of you automatically proceed to stare down at your phone, others prefer to get cozy, huddle around their laptop, and research anything and everything.

Separated by platforms and themes; I’ve listed below my go-to accounts that I’ve been recently deriving inspiration from:

YouTube Videos

What Students in PARIS are ACTUALLY wearing | ART SCHOOL by The Purple Palace

  • As a previous fashion student, I received first hand expossure to the freedom of expression that art schools can offer you. The biggest benefit of fashion oriented Institutes is that they fully let their community tell their story through their own styling choices. I’ve always dreamed of moving to Paris which makes this video even more interesting to me.

I moved to NYC on my own | moving vlog & how I did it by Elena Taber

  • Orange County native, Elena Taber is one of the most transparent and authentic vloggers at the moment. Throughout this video, Taber is well spoken, gives great advice & very detailed feedback about moving literally across the country. I’ve been living vicariously through her adventures for about 2 years now, and can truly say that one she will look back at her videos and happily say she experienced her best life to the fullest.

The entire Sweet Gigs series by Refinery 29

  • This Refinery 29 series lets you get a virtual tour of the raddest residencies around the world. Every time I watch this series I feel like I need to head to the nearest by vintage store and purchase some unique piece of furniture to complete my decor.

The Ghost with the Most by Lina Bugz

  • Lina Bugz, a fellow FIDM alumni and the only person who could make me fall in love with spanx cats and gothic fashion. She also appreciates The Nightmare Before Christmas as much as me, & is a makeup guru that can create unreal looks that often people attempt to recreate all over social media.

APARTMENT TOUR 2018 - Thrifted Modern + Bohemian + Plant overload by HellaJam

  • Completely redecorating and putting together my new apartment has gotten me in a home decor video kick lately. I stumbled upon this video after falling down a New York home decor YouTube rabbit hole… and she actually lives in Oakland, CA.

    To say the least, this video has lit up so many creative light bulbs I didn’t know I had in me. To get some decorating ideas instantly flowing check out this video by Jayme Sy, better known as HellaJam.

Hollow Coves - Coastline (Lakeside Acoustic Session)

  • My recent music obsession that I’ve been replaying non-stop.

Fashion News | Lifestyle — overall online presence

  • Who What WearOnline trend news pioneers, and probably the main source of all my favorite top fashion stories. They also just created their own Target clothing line and online magazine.

    • Two Who What Wear fashion editors, one of them being my incredibly stylish friend Mimi, also created a side instagram called, The Devils wears Zara which keeps me updated on the best and latest Zara inventory. Goodbye 401k, hello new Zara closet! You can thank Lauren and Mimi for that.

  • Man RepellerSarcastic, unfiltered, and straight forward. Filled with every subject you could imagine. To give you an idea of their mission statement, their top headlines are currently the following:

    • If I Could Only Buy 1 Thing This Fall It Would Be These Pants,

    • Why It Matters When Designers Ignore What Women Want,

    • Simple advice from 31 wise older women,

    • Pumpkin Spice Latte: the untold stories

    • I Went to a ‘Sex and the City’ Conference in a Basement

  • The CutEvery time I skim through this website, I feel like a confident, well knowledgable, wild feminist who is ready to protest while wearing vintage Chanel; and equally like someone who is late to work because they couldn’t make up their mind about when to get off their bed—did I lose you there?

  • Diet PradaThe only social media account that knows how to call out fashion copycats and those who are using non ethical practices in the industry. Diet Prada also knows how to spill the right amount of tea about the ever changing designer world.

  • Lush PalmI met one of the founders of this website, Tara Hilliard, at a Be+Well surfing session in Encinitas, CA. Sharing a surf session and having a conversation with her made me love Lush Palm even more. I’ve been using this website to prepare myself for my up coming Costa Rica trip.

  • Svn SpaceSvn Space is making moves while changing the world’s perception of weed. Created by one of my role models, Megan Villa, Svn Space’s mission is to earn and share the many benefits coming from the many talented individuals and companies associated with hemp.


  • FashionlushErica Stolman is my favorite blogger of all time. She is a bad ass graphic designer, an iconic look server, and an incredible aesthetic creator. Oh, if that wasn’t enough… she owns the most adorable black french bulldog named Ruby with her super talented boyfriend who also works in the skate industry. | IG: Fashionlush, her pup: Ruby Tuesday, and her boyfriend: Zack Dowdy.

  • Sivanayla Probably one of the few authentic OG bloggers left in the scene who still gives me hope for the influencer industry.

Brands — Instagram

  • Dazey_LA This brand introduced me to sustainability, strictly shopping small & feminism. The brains behind it is also a badass, DaniDazey.

  • Sunday ForeverI mainly follow this brand because of their strong Instagram presence via sundayforevernyc.

  • Billabong Womens Since I spent most of my college years working and interning for this brand, I’ll always be an avid supporter—plus I am always stoked on everything they create.

  • Stoned Immaculate Psychedelic vintage clothing brand with a touch of Bowie.

  • HazelandFolk I want EVERYTHING.

  • Sun Bum Their Headquarters is located in my dream beachtown and where I want to move to as soon as possible, Encinitas, California. Obsessed with their branding, obsessed with their product, obsessed with their office culture, are you guys hiring?

  • MatissefootwearMy bank account has a love/hate relationship with this brand because I am obsessed with everything they carry.

  • targetdoesitagainThis account inspires 99.9% of the Target trips I make and it’s probably the reason why people can’t keep up with me as I rapidly raid the store.

  • theseeaThe creators of the raddest vintage inspired surf one pieces.

  • VansLegendary brand that should hire me so I can create iconic art with them. Working for them is my dream. I think I’ve made my point here.

  • Stance MuseThey always have the sickest collabs, and over at their HQ the founders have created an amazing work environment that gives their employees complete creative freedom and trust which end up making their work groundbreaking.

  • Sugarhigh LovestonedTheir IG bio says it all: A clothing brand with a great sense of humor, strong ethics & a feminist point of view. You’ve been warned... This is not fast fashion.

  • Lovers and FriendsThe most aesthetically pleasing IG that I later found out it’s also a clothing brand.

Home Decor — Instagram

  • CB2They have hands down the best video advertisement and overall branding in the home decor industry. Whenever someone asks me about my go-to account for all things decor, I lead them here.

  • cottage + seaAll my beach bungalow dreams have come true with this account. Their home is located in Encinitas, CA (my favorite place ever) + is owned by the most perfect couple, Steve + Nikki.

  • NewMade LAMinimalist, vintage inspired, LA based, can I please have everything you carry?

Art — Instagram

  • designlovefest95% I don’t understand what’s going in Bri Emery’s life nor what she is creating but in the best way possible.

  •  lizzie_dardenArtist, content creator, punner, and funnier than anyone you’'ll ever meet.

  • subliming.jpgTessa Forrest’s colorfully vivid art speaks for my soul.

  • peopleiveloved“It’s okay to feel things deeply” / As Clarissa stated, her art makes me feel normal about getting too in my head from time to time.

  • society6 Big Artists + Independent Artists = Art Melting Pot.

  • Mark OblowOne of the biggest and most admired artists in the skate industry.

  • florencegivenFlorence gives social issues and feminism a voice through art.

  • violetclair Violet Clair is blunt and real. Her art gives everyone their own individual “get your shit together” slap in the face.

  • Sara Shakeel Crystal glitter queen. Her best known art piece is her viral stretch-mark art.

  • Surfy BirdyI don’t even need to head to the beach to feel the good vibes Rachel Dejohn’s art gives out. If you’re into surfing, sunny days, and all things good in life, give her art a chance!

  • marynn_marynnI saw Marynn’s art in action this past summer at a magazine release party in Costa Mesa, and have been hooked with her style ever since.

  • kellymakerAs soon as you give her art a look, you’ll know who she is. An Australian based digital artist who created a whole new way to express yourself.

  • wesleybirdAn up and coming Southern California based illustrator + art director with a unique style that instantly inspires me.

  • butlikemaybeRelatable, creative, hilarious… did I mention relatable?!

  • jooleelorenBecause someone has to say what every woman is thinking.

Fashion — Instagram

  • Olivia by Nature — UK based thrifter who is way ahead of her time, and probably holds the world record for overusing the word “dungarees”.

  • Nicole Alyse — Vintage rock n’ roller stuck in 2018, and successful business owner on the side.

  • The Salty Blonde — Style and life goals. Beer and french fries are her accessories of choice. The Salty Blonde is a boho chic queen who listens to her community but doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks.

  • salty_gypsy — Love everything she wears and how she curates her ocean oriented lifestyle.

  • songofstyle — Aimee Song has paved the way for all fashion influencers. Please don’t try to fight me on this, you know it’s true!

Aesthetic — Instagram

  • nightydrunklovers If Tumblr and IG had a baby, it would be this account.

  • 90smilkHighlighting the most iconic moments of a decade that keeps coming back, the 90s.

Health | Wellness — Instagram

  • mamaeatsplants Amanda made me realized how wasteful everyone is being and has taught me ways to adjust my lifestyle to reduce the thrash I consume.

  •  traderjoeslist Living walking distance to Trader Joe’s this account serves as my guide for daily grocery store trips.

  • trashisfortossers If you’ve been wanting to get introduced to sustainability and discovering new ways to reduce waste, follow this account.

  • rachlmansfield I solemnly follow her for the best food bowl recipes known to man.

  • frommybowl Obsessed with her recipes and the way she sets up her food!

Comedy — Instagram

  • commentsbycelebsCelebrities, they comment on social media just like us!

  • mytherapistsays Memes that speak for my soul.

  • tinyhat_skatelifeA meme account designed to roast skaters and their attempts to “date”… COUNT ME IN!

  • youreso2008 Why wait until thursday when you can tbt everyday?

  • garyjanettiIf you are a royal family stan, you must follow this account! Gary Janetti created an alter ego for Prince George… and trust me, you’ll love it.

Public Figures — Instagram

  • nicoleritchieMy obsession with her life has grown stronger everyday since the first time I saw her in the early 2000’s reality show, The Simple Life.

  • rachelzoe The business woman inspired all wardrobe stylists to move to LA without a fashion background, hustle non stop, grow their client list, and build an empire.

  • olsenoracle If the Olsen Twins owned an official Instagram account, this fan account would be it. The Olseroracle fulfills my daily dose of this legendary fashion duo.

  • arianagrande Yes, I’ve hopped on the fan bandwagon… I couldn’t resist… God is a woman.

  • coludiaz — Mexican, feminist, model; All of these diverse adjectives speak for this women. She is also the main reason why I watched the Netflix show, Made in Mexico.

Business — Instagram

  • jasminestar I’ve been obsessed with this social media guru since I saw her speak at TCS 2018.

  • blogdooLauryn Evarts Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential) and Erica Stolman (Fashionlush) created this side business, and turned it into my intro to blogging guide.

  • The Mayfarer GroupIn love with this social media agency’s IG Stories graphics and branding.

Modern Poetry | Writers — Instagram

  • nayyirah.waheedMy favorite poet at the moment who’s also definitely underrated.

action sports | Travel — Instagram

  • lolamignot Showcases her perfect surf side lifestyle in Sayulita, Mexico

  • maliamanuelOne of my favorite surfers of all time + a badass!

  • malia_wardPro Surfer, USC student, wild hair = RAD HUMAN

  • dreaming_outloudHailey Miller and her husband Bryce Miller, form this young adventurer power couple who travels all over the world out of their van. They also own a YouTube channel where they document all of their stories and places they’ve been to.

  • lizziearmantoFemale professional athlete with my favorite skating style.

  • skatemosssVictoria Taylor is a newcomer in the skate industry. She might not be the best skater out there, yet… but I know she’s up to something because she’s out skating LA every SINGLE day.

  • noraexploraMost hilarious and random human being who also happens to be a professional skateboarder.

BEAUTY — Instagram

  • Jenatkinhair Celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI Haircare Mane Addicts. Her career inspires me, it really shows that if you HUSTLE, you will make it to the top! She needs to write a book ASAP.

  • JustinandersonHair colorist with the best humor ever.

Photographer — Instagram

  • findyourcalifornia The name is self explanatory. Nico’s style screams palm trees, ocean, and film vibes.

  • Amber AsalyFashion photographer taking over the influencer world. Amber is also unfiltered, extremely blunt, and a style chameleon.

  • Sarah BahbahYou’ve probably seen her work before, and now that you know who created it—you’ll appreciate it more.

  • The Style Stalker My favorite worldwide street fashion photographer.

  • KAT PARKERA Sydney based surf inspired lifestyle photographer.

Facebook Groups

  • Wahine Kai Surf Club (Huntington Beach) — Our surf club uses this group to connect with each other, announce when some of us are planning on going surfing, when warehouse sales or surf related events are going on, etc…

  • Blackies Surf ClubBlackies (Newport Beach) is the surf spot that I frequent the most. I use this Facebook group to stay up to date on ocean/crowd conditions.

  • Facebook Ad Ninjas I am still trying to conquer Facebook ads, and this place has been my support group through my digital marketing journey.

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