Winter Amazon Finds

Hello everyone, I am Gabriela... and I am in a serious dependable relationship with Amazon Prime.

Having stressfully worked in the Amazon world has turned me into a shopping expert and top navigator of the site. During my breaks I used to head over to Amazon to search for the latest trends—and let me tell you, this site is an underrated goldmine. I treat Amazon as a modern online thrift shop: you never know if you’re going to end up purchasing multiple items, or just adding more stuff to your bottomless wish list.

I rounded up the items you have to cope before they’re gone. No, really… some of them are quickly selling out!

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  • Hair Clips — If you’ve been following Fashion Week for the past two seasons, you’ll know that these are the IT accessories ATM. What started as a way to keep my mane in place (or close to it) turned into one of my favorite accessories.

  • Pearly Whites — Thinking of giving your casual outfit a touch of chicness? Try adding pearls next time.

  • Cowrie Shells — This ocean minded trend is having a huge moment and will continue to do so during Spring. I first proclaimed my love for cowrie shells back in September (Fall 2018 Style Guide) and am still vividly passionate about them.

  • Heart Eyes — After watching 7 Rings by Ariana Grande I felt like I needed more pink and heart shaped accessories in my life.

  • Statement Earrings — If you know me, you’ll know that earrings are MY everything. If I let you borrow earrings, we’re pretty damn close. If I gift you a pair, it’s because I am very grateful for something you did. Here’s a lineup of earrings I can’t stop obsessing about:

  • Scrunchies — My hair is unpredictable and sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it, so naturally I let a scunchie do all the work.


  • The Miracle TimeCube Timer — Many bloggers have sworn by this item to improve their time management skills. This cube’s main task is controlling my to-do list.

  • Tile — Do you have the horrible habit of misplacing items around the house... or am I the only one? Well if you’re one of us, this gadget will save you SOOO much searching time! I attach it to my keychain, throw it inside of my favorite jacket & always place one in my luggage when I travel! How TILE works: Link it to your phone so whenever you want to search for something it will beep away.

  • iPhone Ring Light — Sometimes you just want to get THE shot, and after trying, and trying, you realize the lighting at the place is the main obstacle preventing you from getting it. Well, this portable iPhone size ring light will make your photos POP big time!

  • Wireless Phone Charger — I give all credit to my mom when it comes to portable chargers, and this one is no exception. It’s efficient, it works, IT’S MAMA PEREGRINA APPROVED!


  • Cropped Padded Puffer — You saw it first at Fashion Week, and now you can’t stop spotting it on the streets. With Winter feeling like the LONGEST season ever, padded puffers are a major score this season!

  • Oversized Sweater — After a nice surf session I always gravitate to this little item.

  • Color Block Drawstring Hooded Zip Up Sports Windbreaker — With this non-stop rain I’ve been on the hunt for the coziest outerwear. This windbreaker checks all the boxes! Warning: It’s very lightweight so I would layer up underneath and size up!

  • Animal Print — If you haven’t hopped on this long lasting trend, you need to update yourself STAT.


  • Dr. Martens — The high school girl who wore her Steve Madden combat boots almost every day to school for two years straight would be so proud of the woman she has become.

  • Cowboy Boots — Still backing this Western trend. Looks great paired up with a long sweater (as a dress), round sunglasses, and a black velvet scrunchie.

  • Snake Print — Last year I purchased everything that had animal print all over it, and this year the saga continues.


What has been your favorite Amazon purchase lately?

Let me know in the comments!


Gabriela Peregrina

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