Trip down an oversized lane

All it took was one outfit to make me study the trend that has continued to go strong throughout a lineup of fashion eras.

As I put on my oversized animal print faux fur coat, which I actually decided to wear last minute as the focal point of my outfit, I started to track back the history behind this fashion staple and studied where my own inspiration to purchase the coat actually came from.

gabriela peregrina_oversized coats

The coat made me think of Kate Moss rocking a similar one in the 90’s, 

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing an oversized fur coat during classic Sex and the City scenes, 

& don’t even get me started on the closet owned by Soul Queen, Aretha Franklin… 

As previously mentioned in Fall 2018 Style Guide, oversized, and at times overdone, outerwear is back and more in your face than ever. And yes, I am sooo trying to take advantage of this trend and wear as many outrageous coats as I can. 

I might be getting weird looks in my work building and at times whispered “Cruella De Ville” sarcastically down the halls, but in my defense she was a Disney fashion icon that was probably inspired by the Hollywood scene at the moment—so call me Cruella all you want because I won’t stop wearing my statement coats and will keep stocking up on this trend this season.

With everyone suddenly obsessed with the throwback trifecta, I turned back the fashion clock and brought back a few of my favorite coat moments that deserve another standing ovation.

Who knows… you might even encounter some outfit inspiration as you scroll!

gabriela peregrina_oversized coat_1

  • It would be frowned upon for me not to start with oversized coat legend and original top model: Kate Moss.

  • Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait: The Olsen Queens… I mean, Twins.

  • THE coat trend PIONEER: Aretha Franklin. When it comes to this music diva, the bigger the coat = the more symbolic it is.

  • The best oversized looks of the 21st century go to Rihanna. Hands down, don’t question me.

  • We stan a coat queen, and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is it.

  • Everything she touches turns into fashion gold: Legendary super model, Naomi Campbell has popularly showcased the oversized look on and off the runway.

  • Celebrity stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe brought a new meaning to high end boho-chic trends which includes oversized outerwear.

  • Witchy Stevie Nicks has worn this trend as a staple accessory throughout her powerful career.

  • Oversized coats paired with skin tight dresses wouldn’t be considered a thing without Marilyn Monroe’s existence.

  • Nicole Ritchie can turn any outfit into all the rage with the help of an oversized coat.

  • This trend continued to have a spotlight in editorial fashion during the 60’s, the reason behind it was my favorite top model: Twiggy.

  • Hate her or love her—Courtney Love continues to serve looks with her very on brand slip dresses, always layered with an oversized coat of course!

  • Honorable mentions that would be frowned upon for me not to include them:

Moral of the story: There is no age limit or decade that is going to stop someone from having a super sized coat moment.

Feel free to let me know in the comments your favorite look from the line up!


Gabriela Peregrina

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