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Coming all the way from the Pacific North West, Samantha Victoria has already made a name for herself within Orange County's action sports and adventurer community. Samantha is also the friend I go to whenever I need an extra push to try something new or a quick positive affirmation.

When she’s not managing social media accounts, working events, or modeling for an up and coming brand; Samantha is probably brainstorming her next big trip or last minute adventure at a local coffee shop or the beach.

This is her chronicle:

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First things first, do you have a morning routine that sets the mood for your day?

As soon as I wake up I usually put on music. It can be anything from mellow to punk rock. Music that is hard to predict just like my day ahead.

How did you end up in Orange County?

After I finished working Dew Tour in Las Vegas my best friend in the military asked me if I wanted to move here so I packed my bags, and moved down in less than a week. Loaded up my best friends dads truck, and left to California with no credit, no job, no help from my family, and only $1000 to my name.

It will be 7 years this October, and I haven’t looked back since.

What started your spontaneous lifestyle?

I was always the kid that was expected to go nowhere. I was the black sheep of the family, but the white version. It helped encourage me to be live without overthinking, to quit thinking and go for it.

I’ve noticed your love for cars on your online and IRL. What is your dream adventure vehicle and why?

Source: Samantha Victoria — California

Source: Samantha Victoria — California

It’s not really an adventure vehicle, but I’ve always loved a classic Ford Shelby Mustang (1969 in matte black or forest green if were getting technical) I’ve had an obsession with cars in general since I was little. Nothing has changed ever since and my obsession keeps on growing!

What is your favorite place to travel?

I recently went to Europe for the first time. Two weeks solo across the pacific (which was a first for me) I went to four countries; UK, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I was only able to scratch the surface. So you can bet i’ll be back!

Before this trip i would have said Canada, but my new favorite; London. The people were absolutely wonderful! There was always a new market to go to, or a show or an event. I didn’t get to make it to the cliff sides, but the fact that their coastlines are not that far and absolutely breathtaking might i add.. You can bet i’ll be back to take on that adventure!

Why did you pick organized chaos as your tagline?

I feel like nothing but a walking oxymoron. I am pretty much organized with everything but my own life.

Any travel tips to share?

Don’t think about it, just do it. The moment, the money, the timing will never be perfect! Don’t over think it, and just GO!

Where would you love to travel one day?

New Zealand, that’s one answer I don’t have to think about! It’s the place where the coast meets mountains! Not sure i would come back if i took a trip there..

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while traveling?

I’ve actually been lucky enough to have never lost anything or been robber. The thing that I’ve done to keep all of that from happening is to be aware of my surroundings at all times. *Do not stare at a phone screen, for one it makes you a target and two it shuts you off to meeting amazing people.

Source: Samantha Victoria — London, UK

Source: Samantha Victoria — London, UK

The one traveling lesson I would give to others is to not shut yourself off. You meet people when you're open. Be open and always ready for next experiences!

What is your least favorite thing about adventuring?

Sometimes I am overly apologetic, and have sacrificed myself to please others. If I ever wanted to go somewhere and they didn’t: I declined my suggestion to please them.

I need to stop sacrificing my time and focusing more on what I want to do and see.

 How do you express your creativity while traveling?

I take a lot of photos and I write in a journal. I want to try to remember everything exactly how it happened. It also makes me excited when I can share my stories with others since I have them recorded there.

What do you love the most about creativity?

Everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. It also helps you grow!

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Source: Shane Rad

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