Mackenzie Mitchell

I've known Kenzie since college, and quietly admired her creative drive. 6 years have passed, and I look up to her even more.

From special event coordination, to blogging, photography, and a little bit of DIY; when it comes to creativity, there's really nothing that Kenzie isn't afraid to try. 

This is her chronicle:

Source: THEblog

Source: THEblog

Could you tell me about what you do and how you got involved with special events?

At work I basically go back and forth with the record labels, production, and the network. I am the weird melting pot where if anyone has issues and questions they come to me. Essentially we are responsible for what talent goes on air and the creative behind it. 

I was originally temping at CBS and wasn’t even planning on applying for my current job. I was only a temp for about 3 months, then they were going hire someone else. My first show was The People’s Choice Awards, and then it was the Grammy’s. After the Grammy’s they asked me if I wanted to stay full-time and I said HELL YEAH right away. I have happily been with them ever since!

What made you want to start THEblog?

Source:  THEblog

Source: THEblog

Courtney and I actually started THEblog when I first moved out to LA with the purpose of keeping my mom and family updated. We didn’t really go on many trips but we would document whatever we would do around the city. I was working at a store that was a total disaster, and actually ended up leaving FIDM for this job which totally blew up and turned into a nightmare. I ended up starting THEblog shortly after leaving that nightmare with the mindset of not knowing what I was going to do with my life so that was what I was going to use to update everyone. There was actually a good year where I didn’t do anything with it and wasn’t taking it seriously at all. Courtney and I were basically like “we have this thing… and it’s there”. 

When I started my new job as a location manager, my friend and I booked a trip to Palm Springs as our last hoorah because she was moving to Idaho. That trip ended up being my first post ever. I started to use this blog as an excuse to bring my creativity to life, I love my job to death but it’s very 9-6 and there’s rarely a creative outlet for that. THEblog has been this thing that came to be. I guess if you had to put THEblog as a genre it would be under lifestyle, but there’s so much more than that!

Who is your music inspiration?

Right now I am OBSESSED with Mitski, a phenomenal singer songwriter who I feel doesn’t really get the credit she deserves. Her music is kind of punky which a lot of people don’t fully understand, but she is for sure my woman crush Wednesday. She just came out with a new album so I am listening to that on repeat. 

Source: Mitsky

Source: Mitsky

What are you currently obsessing about? 

I am obsessing about Tokyo right now. I am planning a trip and I know it’s not happening anytime soon because I am so busy and don’t have any money saved up, but every time I am free I can’t help but researching what to do in Tokyo so when I do go there I know what I am doing.

I saw that you took photos for a MyDomaine article about Keltie Knight’s closet, and then did a shoot for her podcast, The Lady Gang. How did that come to fruition? Are you also trying to pursue photography?

During my junior year I decided to take the last spot available in a photography class and quit cheerleading which I’ve been doing all my life. This decision ended up changing my whole high school experience and I actually still keep in touch with my photo teacher via Social Media—that’s pretty much where it all started!

I am very close to my boss Jodi who has a house in Ojai where she let Leo, Courtney, and I stay for one night. I decided to take pictures of the house because she did such an incredible job of redoing it from the ground up and gifted her the photos. She ended up using those photos to put on her website that she now rents her house out of.

Source:  THEblog

Source: THEblog

Source:  THEblog

Source: THEblog

Keltie Knight is a correspondent on Entertainment tonight and we've worked closely with her on many projects for CBS. She ended up seeing the photos on Jodi’s website, then asked who took them, Jodi referred her to me, so it all turned into this THING!

Source:  MyDomaine , Photography:  Mackenzie Mitchell

Source: MyDomaine, Photography: Mackenzie Mitchell

Source:  People Magazine , Photography:  Mackenzie Mitchell

Source: People Magazine, Photography: Mackenzie Mitchell

It was something not sought out at all! After that, I started looking at photography from more serious perspective and built a website for it, just my photography. I don’t have a Yay or Nay attitude towards photography, if it happens, it happens.

I know you’re very into style so this question might be a little bit hard, what’s your favorite fashion decade?

It’s funny because I look at my life in decades. For example, when I was at FIDM I felt like I was very much edgy, lipstick, I had my hair dyed, etc…

I feel like right now I have very good basics but I love patterns. When it comes to decades I would say middle to late 70’s with a farmer flare—Garden Chic is what I’ll call it!

What’s your career goal?

That’s kind of a tricky one because there are some people who already know what they are going to do & what specific path to follow—whereas I am a fashion school drop out who ended up with a corporate job working for two amazing people, everything that has happened just fell into place… I guess not having a plan is something that works for me! 

What has been your career highlight?

With my job I’ve been so grateful that things just happen to me… yes, I also had to work hard for them!

Source: Midland

Source: Midland

2 years ago, I went to SXSW because Leo was playing and I came along to take pictures. After the show, we were drained and were planning on going back to the hotel to take a nap. On our way to the hotel, my friend Olivia, who works at Apple, invited us to come to the Apple House because they were having a showcase so we decided to head over there instead. At the Apple House we saw Khalid perform before he went big, and a band called Midland. 

After I saw Midland I sent their music to Jack and told him that these guys were going to be HUGE! 3 weeks later, it was the American Country Awards and I saw them in the hallway; I went up to them and told them that I saw them at SWSX, and asked, not to be rude, but what where they doing here? 

During dress rehearsals I met Jake through a friend, who ended up being Midland’s president of publicity. I then gave him my whole speech and mentioned that I just saw them in the hallway and that they should come to meet with my boss Jack. They came in to meet and everyone loved them. That was probably one of my career highlights at CBS.  It was one of those things where I got validation and realize for sure that I belong here, I can do this stuff, not that I don’t get validation from my boss because she’s great, but its one of those things to yourself where you’re like: I DID THAT!

Who’s your creativity muse?

Lately I’ve been going to Man Repeller a lot! It embraces such a unique not stereotypical fashion world. I read EVERYTHING that Harling Ross and Haley Nahman create. I love their life and what they’re doing. The whole Man Repeller team is actually who I follow on instagram and always look forward to their content.

If you had to start this thing all over again, what would change?

I would probably finish FIDM. It’s been one of those things that has been in the back of my mind because I had such little left! It’s not like I left early on the journey, I had done my time. I did the OC campus, I did the LA campus, and was close to graduating! I wouldn’t want to finish it to change anything that happened in my life, it’s just one of those things that I decided to walk away from that I wonder what would would’ve happen if I would’ve stayed. Whatever, it happened for a reason!

Any tips or advice for people who are thinking about starting a blog, working events, or doing one of the multiple creative things that you’re currently focusing on?

Meeting people has been probably the biggest takeaway which is hard to explain because I am not even great at networking at all.

Meet people as much as you can! The more people see your face, the more people are going to recognize you, and the more things are going to happen to you.

What’s your craziest story?

It’s more like an embarrassing story. I was still temping at CBS at the time when we did our Stevie Wonder special. We worked closely with LL Cool J on certain shows of ours so I became acquainted with his team and eventually got to meet everyone in person during Grammy rehearsals when he was hosting. We taped the Stevie Wonder special the day after Grammys and LL Cool J was presenting. In between takes, we were all backstage talking amongst ourselves and Ed Sheeran was coming backstage after performing. LL Cool J decides to bring him over and said: “This is Kenzie, she works with Jack!” — I literally just froze, stared at him, and the only thing I could bring myself to get out was, “That was so good”.  It was all caught in camera by an intern at the time which is even more embarrassing! I was actually not like a huge Ed Sheeran fan… it was the weirdest thing! It’s not hard to talk to me which is why I find this situation to be so crazy!

What do you love the most about being a creative person?

The freedom, I feel like it’s something that gets you outside of your head. I really started taking the whole blog thing seriously after I started getting so busy at work that I was just coming home, watching tv, and I really don’t watch tv that much which is why I kept asking myself "What am I doing with my life?” and resorted to creativity to clear my mind and keep myself busy. I like the freedom because when you create something it’s never the same, it can be the same if you wanted it to be but it’s really never the SAME.

Source: Mackenzie Mitchell

Source: Mackenzie Mitchell

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