creative chronicles.

Everyone has a story to tell, and creative people interpret it in their own unique way.

I created Creative Chronicles to showcase the lives of innovative individuals while hoping to encourage future collaborations amongst fellow artists and entrepreneurs.

These are their chronicles:

The latest:

Source: Paul Norris

Source: Paul Norris

Paul Norris

Founder of Surf Ready Fitness: A front line gym for surfers.

Source: Catherine Bernier ( )

Source: Catherine Bernier (

Amy Schwartz

Founder of Unleash Surf: A surf-lifestyle co-working experience.

Source: Jenn Farmer ( @jenn_farmer_photography )

Source: Jenn Farmer (@jenn_farmer_photography)

Laura Day

Founder of iaera surf: An all-inclusive surf wear brand.

Source: Gita Kaiser

Source: Gita Kaiser

Source: Daniela Caram

Source: Daniela Caram

Gita Kaiser

CocoAloha Surf (Fusion Sunscreen) Founder, Surfer, Coral Reef Protector.

Daniela Caram

Photographer, Surfline’s LocalPro Member, The Inertia Contributor, & Ocean Nomad.

past Chronicles:

Source: Indi Nikulinsky

Source: Indi Nikulinsky

Indi Nikulinsky

Let’s Be (Restaurant) Owner, Yoga Instructor, & Globe Trotter.

Source:  Danielle Wright

samantha victoria

World Traveler, Event Coordinator.

Source:  THEblog

Source: THEblog

mackenzie mitchell

Blogger, CBS Event Coordinator, Photographer.

Source: Shelby Parks ( @sparksss )

Source: Shelby Parks (@sparksss)

Anna carmela

Musician, Lead Singer for Thrift.